NAME : Anthuan Salvaraja A. Joseph
Chief Technical Officer – Energy Efficiency, Network, Automation & FPS System

Mr.Anthuan Salvaraja has a wide field experience in electrical, electronic, mechanical & telecommunication system knowledge. He has served with this company Sri Communication installing and testing Ericsson type equipment for Public Telephone Exchange ranging in models from Manual Relay Control to Computerized type. He was also involved in telephone cable design for high rise building and other network requirements with Tele Engineering based in Ipoh.

He was also a Project Coordinator in Fire protection for a company known as Fire-O­Engineering. His was involved in planning and designing fire protection equipments required by the building owner. His main task was in Installation and executing trouble shooting program for faulty fire fighting equipments.


His vast knowledge in Energy Efficiency, Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical has furthered him to diagnose and repair of intricate equipments such as:

  • Electrical : Electrical Motors, Electrical Switch Boards, Air-Conditioners, Lightings
  • Electronic: Sterilizers, Program Logic Controllers, Information Display Boards, PABX system, CCTV System, Door Access System, Queuing Management System, Remote Access System, Fire Alarm System (Automatic/Manual type)
  • Mechanical : Hydraulics, Pneumatics
  • Telecommunication : Involving installation, upgrading and in building signal coverage. Provision of the Telecommunication Reception & Transmission Equipment for Maxis, Digi & Celcom


He has vast knowledge in Non-Biomedical Hospital Care equipments such as Autoclave, Sterilizers, Ultrasonic cleaners, Nurse call systems, ICU electrical beds Etc. His involvement was in Hospital Teluk Intan, Hospital Seberang Jaya, Hospital Umum Sarawak and Queen Hospital Sabah. Lately, he is heading the Renewable Energy & Technical support unit TOFM . He is undertaking innovative solar system project and also directly involve in energy saving program at customer’s premises.