NAME : Gallen Ling Sing Yii
Regional Manager – Buss Dev/Operation – Integrated Business, Sarawak Region.
Bac.Eng (Electrical & Electronic ), University of Adelaide, South  Australia – CEM, REEM

Mr. Gallen Ling graduated as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer from University of Adelaide, South Australia. During his study, he was involved in several projects which developed his knowledge in Electrical and Electronic field. The projects he was involved are :


  1.  To design the Water Alarm System for Ship Security.
  2. To design a remote switching circuit of electrical appliances using PC through power lines.
  3. To design a Radio Receiver for 27 Mhz Citizen Band Radio.


After completing his studies, he was trained in Komag (Sarawak Operation) to gain his practical experience. During the training, he was trained with the concepts and ideas of SPC (Statistical Process Control), QCC (Quality Control), ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 (International Standard Organization), KQC (Key Quality Characteristic) tracking and improvement. In addition to the daily operation, he had also involved in troubleshooting and maintenance activities for several equipments such as Robotic Arm, Speedfam and AMP Machines. Besides that, he was also actively involved in other cost saving projects such as installing the Machine Temperature Control System for heat exchanger and recycling of the Chemical Filters.

Upon completion of his training, he joined TOTAL IFM Sdn. Bhd. as a Regional Project Engineer and currently being actively involved with the operation of Facility Engineering Management Services for 21 Government Hospitals in Sarawak Region. As a person in charge, his responsibilities are to manage and coordinate the overall maintenance activities for various electronic equipments such as PABX telecommunication system, BAS (Building Automation System), Office Equipments, Public Address System and etc. Currently, he is also involved in the M & E operation for various brands of Elevators maintenance, and Chemical Water Treatment programs for Cooling Towers and Boiler Systems. His principle of success is to implement the 24 hours critical operation with most time and cost effective way, and fully committed to exceed customer satisfaction.


With day to day operation in the current organization, he equipped himself with engineering management knowledge and continuously developing himself to become an excellent and highly recognized person in facility engineering management services.