CMMS is a software which helps to increase facility management service value and optimize response time with right-time, maps-based surveillance of multi site job statuses.

CMMS meshes data retrieved from the maintenance management system with Google Map imagery to allow facility and plant managers visually pinpoint critical assets and failure hotspots in ‘real-time’. Using CMMS, a facility manager can quickly map and locate facilities, assets, and critical hotspots and significantly reduce response time to service these critical assets.

As a picture can speak thousand words, and we believe that CMMS View ‘speaks a thousand words’ to multi-site facility and plant managers as well. So much of maintenance management reporting is linear and one dimensional, CMMS View makes facility management three dimensional.

With the CMMS managers can in real-time visually view buildings with critical pending work orders, and identify their proximity to one another to facilitate efficient servicing. They can even choose a hybrid visual where major roadways are superimposed over actual images. This level of sophistication in operational intelligence is something unheard of in facility management.

Why CMMS ?

  • Enhance the efficiency of the maintenance by computerizing  maintenance activities
  • A management tool for decision making on maintenance activity
Advantages In  Implementing CMMS

Controlled and systematic maintenance process
Improved control on spare part items
Provide sufficient data or reports for continual improvement analysis
Aid management for better decision making
Systematic maintenance process will reduce overall long term maintenance cost
Effective and efficient supervision of maintenance crew


Return  Of Investment (ROI)

ROI =  Expected Cost Saving of Capital Expenditure of New Asset
+  Expected Cost Saving of Supervision of Administration
+  Expected Cost Saving of Uptime (Machine Availability)
+  Expected Cost Saving of Overtime
_____________________ divide _____________________
Investment Cost Of CMMS


CMMS is shipped with no data in it
User must set up the system by entering the data like assets, locations, employee, preventive schedule and inventory
CMMS will not start by itself and tell you what or how to do
Users must be trained how to use the system effectively


Selecting CMMS – IT Perspective

CMMS suits for any windows computer platform eg. standalone PC, Server based or Web Based
Uses typical Microsoft Access 2000 or SQL to run
Each CMMS software licensed for 20 users (20 computers) within same location
* Optional :  local and international network with additional cost (upon feasibility study)

Main Features Of CMMS

  • Assets
  • Location
  • Work Order
  • Preventive
  • Employee
  • Inventory
  • Reports
  • Administration
Assets  – Contains all the details of particular asset

Location – Shows the exact location of an asset

Work Order – To view and manage all maintenance activities

Preventive – To schedule Preventive Maintenance for particular asset based on fixed time

intervalEmployee – Details of maintenance staffs

Inventory – Provides spare parts and consumable

Reports – Generate all types of reports on maintenance

Reports Samples  – Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Reports Samples  –  Work Order Status

Reports Samples  –  Aging Work Orders

Administration  – Password settings on accessibility on any modules