Welcome to Global Maintenance Call Centre (GMCC) – CMMS Data Administration & Help Desk Operation!


The increasing challenges and demand on managing maintenance activities of your organization required effective, efficient, reliable & customer friendly computerized maintenance management system administer by Facility Management & ICT experts.  Now you could outsource your maintenance administration and operation of Help desk to us.  We will administer all your data administration of maintenance activities & assist you as your 24/7 help desk  of your plant, facility or building through our web online Computerized maintenance Management System.  You just need to adopt our  Outsourcing services of GMCC not required to purchase the CMMS  software, no need spend for other long run implementation cost such as hardware maintenance cost, software & server updating cost, hiring administrative staff salary, etc.
Our centralize maintenance information system able to monitor ad manage the maintenance activities and performance systematically either the maintenance performed by your in-house maintenance crew or third party. Our  customer friendly CMMS system is designed as effective tool in managing asset, Inventories (bill of material of maintenance) , maintenance work & condition based monitoring.  The system also captured all the relevant agreed service level in the contract and provide monthly quality performance report (QAP) to your management.

How the Outsourcing of GMCC works?

i)    You  could capture all your assets in CMMS without purchase the software. All the data (work orders, asset registration, etc) will enter and update by our admin staff.   Your organization not required to hire an admin staff especially for data entering and updating. Reduce your overhead expenses & enhance effective maintenance.
ii)    You will automatically obtain PPM schedules (Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Bi-Monthly & Monthly) & Reports (Work Order Aging, Asset Down time, and the most important Summary of Maintenance Cost Report for particular month) from our GMCC.
The GMCC is function as the Helpdesk equipped with CMMS software PC and station with an admin staff (with IT knowledge). The GMCC will provide with 24 hours Toll Free number for customer calls and generating the work order. We will coordinate the breakdown activities with your dedicate persons at respective sites. For certain cases where our technical team stationed could become your 24 hours back up services in case of your standby team unable to attend emergency breakdowns.

 Are You Falls Any of Categories below?

i)    You may don’t have any existing computerized database for their assets/equipments.
ii)    You wish to apply CMMS in their organization but don’t want to assign any specialized administrative staff for data entering & updating.
iii)    You may don’t have daily heavy maintenance / breakdown calls demand. It’s more worth it for them to outsource the CMMS administrative rather than invest the software.
iv)    You don’t have any specialize maintenance/engineering department or outsource 80% of their facility maintenance to contractor, only 1-2 in house technicians. We can become their facility call center to coordinate their maintenance activity.

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