Key Phone / PABX System

Thinking of a business communication system? Before you make decision, make sure you are around with full facts.

The telephone is your main source of communication – your link to business partners, customers, friends and even your family members both inside & outside the office. Our PABX / Key phone system provides the features that satisfy the demand of the most sophisticated and cost conscious users. You can connect a variety of communication devices such as cordless phones, answering machines, secretary call system, computer modems & fax machine.

Aspila Topaz

Smart Solutions, Simply Affordable

Prepare for the future with Aspila Topaz, the new digital keyphone system. Designed to grow with small businesses, it allows expansion from 3 trunks/8 extensions to 27 trunks/72 extensions. It also comes complete with ISDN BRI support, hybrid ports to fit any phone, built-in cller ID detection and transmission, built-in DISA function, Voice Response System and best of all, NEC’s reputation for quality. Aspila Topaz incorporates performance and intelligence into a scalable design. Open up your company’s communication capabilities and be amazed.

Protect your investment

Flaxible, expandable, power-packed with features. However you look at it, Aspila Topaz is the smart investment that will grow with your business. Save money in the long run with its intelligent cost-cutting features.

Aspila EX

For most companies the phone system is an essential business tool, where reliability is paramount.
Internet Protocol (IP) telephony can give businesses a level of flexibility unknown with a traditional phone system where the data network also carries your voice traffic. Components familiar to desktop PC users are now apprearing in IP phone system.

ASPILA EX, the new IP telephony from NEC is an IP communication system that offers the latest technological benefits without compromising on the reliability of traditional telephony. ASPILA EX allows you to converge your voice and data network and enjoy the many advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) while enjoying the hundreds of features you have come to expect from traditional/analog switching. ASPILA EX lets your organization benefit from the potential cost-saving advantages of IP even if you are not ready to migrate to 100% telephony immediately. That’s because ASPILA EX give you a choice: You can deploy traditional circult-switched technology, VoIP or combination, from one system! You have the freedom to adopt VoIP when and where you are ready.