A hospital is a health care institution providing patient treatment with specialized staff and equipment. Changing dynamics in the healthcare industry, including tighter budgets has forced many hospitals facilities to cut operating costs while continuing to deliver top-quality care. Since hospitals typically operate 24-hours a day, energy costs present a significant opportunity for savings. Energy use makes up a large part of the hospital budget which covers such as chillers, refrigerators and lighting system. One of the main energy consumption in any organization is its lighting system, one of the action that can be taken is retrofitting to a better lighting tubes.  An organization that runs 24 hours can greatly have benefitted by this. This proposal will discuss the benefits of LED over T8, and the implementation process of this project.

 The scope of works is To provide an energy solution to further decrease energy consumption using energy efficient lighting and in the same time to provide a conducive and friendly environment for the staffs to work in.

The objectives of this project are:

To suggest LED lighting over the conventional and less efficient lighting.

To reduce the number of units purchased – optimum lighting service with LED lighting tube.

To increase or decrease light levels and enhances light quality.